Oren Ambarchi

haha 7

haha 7 brings you a two sided offering by oren ambarchi. one side being a solo live concert circa 2015 at pioneer works in brooklyn, ny, the other a collage of tchatchkes from the past 30 years compiled especially for this tape. it is brought to you on cassette with letter press details and hand assembled at haha hq in los angeles, california.

an impression by sound artist brent gutzeit on tchatchkes

loose chatter.     whir.    wet stone corridor. 
vacuum sailing.    house in the mountains.
upright fancy hat - the key to keys.     cardboard motorboat.
ham/foot --- hambull/footbull
big breakfast guitars.     late orange satellite. 
    soil sample.
third level plant poacher
under steel arcing.
garden long goodnight.

PBS 1973. late night run. slap-back vibe.
80s montage rock. 
I can't find my's foggy tonight.....where am I?
Still can't find my house.....where am I?

melting sneakers. sticky roads. long walk.
lost in the land of the lost
 mystery subject

Street rods (and cones)          bubble tires
endless M-A-S-H re-runs

unguent, scene-thirsty returns.
sad radio. mosquito prog-rock.

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