shady exorcist

ben vida

haha 6

haha 6 brings you a collection of solo guitar pieces by composer/multi-instrumentalist ben vida recorded between 2018 and 2020. it is brought to you on cassette, hand assembled with letter pressed details at haha hq in los angeles, ca.

an impression of shady exorcist by composer/multi-instrumentalist joshua abrams:

a daylong drive listening to a single cassette
deck flipping back & again between sides
shady exorcist conjures that memory
each moment particular & bleeding into the previous & next
it feels like story, offhand & meticulous
evoking without prescription
beguiling & indifferent

an album of exquisite hyper-acoustic music
zooming in on each detail surrounding the process
shifts of the hand feel massive
they turn into texture
& texture becomes counterpoint to instrument & notes
the music lives beyond the perimeter of its attack, wobbly clouds of sustained strings in a room
somewhere in shady

cascading tambouraesque buzz
sleeping in on bright morning
melodies come & bolt
slow down
how the hell to remember all this?
power chords like a tape cut up
cracked knuckles
melodies come & bolt
flicker & daylight
behind, beside & in spite of the attack
feels like story, offhand & meticulous
see saw chords & open note
then united for the a prime
bridge stretches out long enough to forget whence we came
disorientation though stretching the song familiar past anchors of form & memory
cleansing music
keeping the body moving & ears alert, clearing clutter in mind, mentality & vicinity
reprise has me seeing ghosts
don't sleep
arriving from mlps 20 years later the tape turns over

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limit 1 of each per order

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