haha 5

the debut physical release of los angeles band clinamen(marc riordan, emmett kelly, ben boye, kevin lasting). here they perform dice compositions with guests mikal cronin and brad caulkins(live in 2019) and logan hone, heather canning, and cody putman(in studio in 2020). presented on cassette with letterpress details and hand assembled at haha headquarters, los angeles, ca.

how many things happen to the music between its performance and the listening to the recording of that performance? i always feel like i am witnessing a performance when i listen to a musical recording. a great thing about records is that you can grow to trust them, and when you find your vulnerability rewarded by the power of the music, you can enter tomorrow with a confidence born of your ability to realistically anticipate a renewed experience of those rewards. so i’m distracted by writing this, so i sit back and switch the channels of my mind to a big fat receptor. … … … … …this is not like comforting drone music… …it’s real music being made… …i’m joining in….singing along…consciousness evolved into doing what it ought to…it’s the gauze of my thong, confessions of a corrupted trumpet mute…dodging cars in times square, android porn soundtrack, transcendent comedy bit, anthems for a world where the ceiling fan is king. when we think we don’t have the sweaty heated gatherings where important things are spoken about fiercely, here we are proven wrong! by the evidence of the comings together of clinamen. - will oldham

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