graphic scores

al margolis/brent gutzeit

haha 3

a compilation of interpretations of graphic scores by al margolis and brent gutzeit by margolis, gutzeit, fred lonberg-holm & zoots houston, walter wright, dei xhrist, and ben vida. presented here on cassette with letterpress details including printed scores!!

here is an impression by filmmaker/musician joshua erkman upon listening:

underwater, churning, emerging, a waterfall pushes you back down. alone in a room far from home, outside the fog hangs low. the color between green and black. flashes in the night as shots ring out. inside the instrument, the creaking, lips smacking, a breath. geiger counting radioactivity. mantra whispered. a candle flickers on black teeth. shadows encroach and fill the corners of the room. a ballerina rehearses alone. the power goes out. a voice. wood reverberating. feedback hangs in the air like wisps of smoke. a new incantation. birds. strings swell, shifting, increasing in volume. An orchestral film score seeps in and penetrates reality. wings flapping, the sky becomes darker. tearing, opening, peeling away rubber. a rope creaking on a branch tied tight. birds.

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