haha 13

behold the debut release by experimental electronic project obsolete. the work of etay levy. presented here with letter pressed details and hand assembled at haha hq in los angeles, california

la musician jack waterson says

Simultaneously real and imagined.
Alive and dead.
The future and the past.
Light and dark.
Taking cues from the theories of Cybernetics, Noise and Doom.
Etay Levy (Obsolete)
weaves a world of primordial tones through a labyrinth of vintage sound generating and effecting devices
creating a unique experience where the listener can get immersed in his head.
Having amassed a collection of test and sound devices they were seamed together and communicated openly.
Blurring lines between the animal and the machine.
Sometimes jarring and sometimes comforting.
Never the same and constantly shifting. What does the wind sound like on
Simple machines arguing?
A 1000 year sleep?
Your heartbeat deep in space?
Is there life on Mars?

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